How to Mix & Match Throw Pillows like a Pro

Wishing to inject some playfulness into your living room? There is no easier way to liven up your space than throwing two or three or more decorative pillows on your sofa! No strict rules on how to create eye-pleasing cushion arrangement.. because you know what!? It’s your home! It's your playground and you can get as creative as you want. But if you feel that you would love some guidance here are a few simple tips on how to mix & match your pillows like a pro.


How to mix & match throw pillows


Here we go. Tip number 1. 

Say NO to a perfect match

Matching is boring! There are so many beautiful pillows out there, different colors, patterns, textures... Mixing and matching is a fun process and the result will bring energy and spirit into your living room.


How to mix & match throw pillows


 Tip number 2.

The number makes a difference

Consider what kind of look you want to achieve.. Odd numbers look more relaxed and natural in an arrangement in a meanwhile even numbers look more traditional, clean and orderly. If you are aiming to create jolly space, best would be to go for 5 cushions on an average sofa, or 3 on a smaller one.


How to mix & match throw pillows


Tip number 3.

Different sized pillows

You don’t want your sofa to look strictly arranged so you got to choose a few different sized pillows. Start with two larger pillows on each end of your sofa, this will create a bit of balance and then add slightly different sizes to make the sofa look less symmetrical. 


How to mix & match throw pillows


Tip number 4.

Find a focal color or pattern

To create a cohesive feel you should pair your throw pillows with another item in a room. Choose a rug, an artwork or a pouf and take this object's color as your focal color. Now get your throw pillows in those shades and hues.  Also when you have your main color, don’t be afraid to play with patterns. Mixing a solid color with a small-scale and a large-scale pattern looks great! Try not to mix more than three patterns. 


How to mix & match throw pillows on sofa


Tip number 5.

Mix textures

Pattern and color mixing is important, but be sure to note the fabric & texture as well. Choosing a few different textures is a great way to achieve the layered look, without the look becoming too busy. Smooth and rough, soft and fuzzy.. not only that they will look good but also feel great when you will be enjoying your time snuggling into it. 


How to mix & match throw pillows on sofa


Tip number 6.

A pop of color

All your color palette is neutral and you add one pink pillow. What happens? It changes everything, your sofa is transformed! It serves as the inspiration piece for a room’s entire decor scheme. Adding just one pillow refreshes your living room mood and the way you feel in it!


How to mix & match throw pillows on sofa

 That's all! Now when you know all the secrets, it is time to start mixing & matching! 


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  • I love your pillows my focal color is green. I also like rust with the green. I need help putting them together. I have a large creamy colored sectional sofa.

    Anne L Heasley on

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