Beni Ourain Rugs

Newly hand-knotted Beni Ouarain rugs make a welcome addition to any home. Walking on them is the softest and cosiest feeling you could ever imagine! They are made of 100% natural, undyed sheep wool.
All Beni Ourain rugs are characterized by thick white wool with usually black geometric designs that create abstract and diamond shapes. The symbols on some of them, tell stories about birth, fertility, nature and femininity. Culturally these signs are lucky charms and bring protection against evil spirits.  What makes them popular is that the minimalistic style of Berber tribes seamlessly connects with modern home decor trends.
Traditional Berber rugs are incredibly warm and cozy. They were made by nomadic Beni Ourain tribes who lived deep in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. These rugs were made to cover the floors in tents in the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. These thick pile wool rugs were typically used as floor insulation, bedding, and blankets to keep warm during harsh winters.
1000 WELCOMES orders and purchases our Beni Ourain rugs directly from certificated women’s cooperatives.
These cooperatives are equivalent of shelter for women artisans who are protected from buyers who request very low prices for their hard work. Working in cooperatives provide women of rural Morocco with a steady income, a fair-trade wage and good working conditions.  Perhaps most importantly, the co-ops give women a keen sense of empowerment and ability to provide, and send their children to school. Your purchases directly provide these women work as we change not only their lives, but also their  families and children immeasurably.   
Beni Ourain rug is something you will never regret purchasing and will cherish for a lifetime, it is something to pass from generation to generation. What are you waiting for? These earthy treasures are waiting for you!