With COVID restrictions lifting, many of us have been waiting to flaunt our summer outfits on vacations, and this time your holiday summer outfit asks for a kick of contemporary Bohemian style. Linen clothes, raffia sandals, and bags are 2021 summer essentials that will not only make you feel cool in the hot weather but will also give you an Instagram-worthy look. Take a look at a few of the must-haves this summer.

woman wearing linen clothes and raffia sandals

Breathable Linen Clothing

Keep your cool this summer with linen clothing! Linen is not only thicker than cotton and durable but also lightweight hence being a great option for the summer season. Traveling in linen clothing means you will not have to worry about unexpected rips and tears and even after the washes it won’t lose its shape.

woman wearing linen

Trendy Raffia Sandals

Comfort and style go hand in hand with Raffia Sandals. A great option that is not only breathable and comfortable to walk miles in, but also looks trendy with any outfit you wish for. Choose eco-friendly, simple, and classic Raffia Moccasins, funky, handmade Raffia Slippers, or traditional, Moroccan Raffia Slide Sandals, options are uncountable! Check out our Raffia Shoes collection.


Raffia Sandals from Morocco

Never Forget a Denim Jacket

It’s summer but a chill breeze can hit us anytime in the evening, so why not pack a denim jacket with you. It will complement every detail in your outfit!

woman wearing linen dress and denim jacket

Cute Wicker Baskets / Raffia Bags

Raffia Bags or Wicker Baskets are summer vacation must-haves! Nothing screams more ‘I am on a vacation than having a trendy wicker basket. They don’t only look stylish but are lightweight and spacious, perfect for a sunny day at the beach. In the evening, choose a handwoven Raffia crossbody bag. It will hold your stuff together and look super chic! 

woman with linen dress and wicker basket
Wicker / Raffia Bags

Sunglasses Are A Must

The summer outfit is incomplete without sunglasses! If you are planning to fly off this summer to your destination holiday, don’t forget to pack a pair of trendy sunglasses, let say, two pairs, if one breaks or misplaces, you will always have a spare one. Sunglasses can boost even your simplest looks instantly.

woman with dress and raffia sandals

Stay true to the Bohemian or free-spirited, adventurous side of yours, and check out for some eco-friendly and boho options that you will love to own.

Images by Julia Berolzheimer

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